Stand mixer tools

Stand mixer tools

1: Whisk

fouetblancs en neige

Made up of lots of thin metal wires, this is mainly intended for whipping, to liquefy, mix and, above all, incorporate air with its rapid movement. Typical examples: beating egg whites or whipping cream.
So this is a tool that needs to turn at high speed, in mixtures that are very fluid, to be most effective.

2: Flat beater

feuille ou plaquefeuille

This beater has a flat “paddle” shape, hence the name, and is intended for thorough, even mixing. Typical example: cake batter.
It needs to run at slow or medium speed in mixtures that can be either fluid or moderately thick.

Note: In Kenwood terminology, this tool is called a “K beater”.

3: Dough hook

crochetcrochet à pétrir

In the form of a single metal arm shaped like a sort of twisted hook, this is intended for kneading firm doughs. Typical examples: bread or brioche dough.
It needs to run at the mixer’s slowest speed possible so as not to spoil the dough.

To sum up : With these 3 tools you can do practically everything you need for cooking, or baking bread, cakes and pastries. You just need to choose the right tool for the job.

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