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These bite-size puffs made from choux pastry are topped with lightly crunchy grains of pearl sugar. They make a great snack for anyone with a sweet tooth, or a light dessert to follow a big meal. Wrapped in cellophane plastic bags, they also make nice gifts and stocking stuffers around the holidays. They cook up quickly and easily using our foolproof choux pastry recipe.

For this particular recipe, we prefer using milk instead of water in the choux batter. Water will work as well (don’t skip this recipe just because you’re low on milk), but milk’s additional proteins and sugars provide more rapid browning. That helps with such little choux puffs, ensuring they develop good color in their relatively brief cooking time.

a pile of chouquette on a plate

This recipe calls for a 30-minute rest in the cooling oven to offset all the steam still trapped inside when the baking is done. Many recipes call for poking holes in the baked puffs instead, and holes do help, but we’ve found that the oven rest guarantees the crispest exterior over time (you can, if you’re so disposed, poke holes and give the choux puffs an oven rest, though we haven’t found this to be necessary for chouquettes).

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